Superstar Billy Graham: Biggest Arms In Wrestling History, Who Has The Biggest Biceps In Wwe

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Hogans biceps were always infamously referred to as the “24 inch pythons” but anyone who knows a bit about weight training / body building knows that it”s highly dubious if Hogans biceps were ever bigger than the 22 inch mark at their prime.With that been said, list the biggest arms in wrestling history here.Steiners must be legit 23/24 inch arms.Cena/Batista/Hogan look about the 21/22 inch mark.Davey Boy Smith/Ultimate Warrior must have been up there as well.Triple H circa 2002 was pretty big.There are guys like Big Show, Khali, Scott Norton who have thick arms but they aren”t well definded biceps.Note size does not equal strength, People like Lesnar and Goldberg who probably sit around the 19 inch mark would easily squash the above mentioned wrestlers for strength.


Nathan Jones has got to rank high up the list, the guy was massive.I don”t know exactly how big his biceps are, but I do know that he arm wrestled a Swedish strongman once who has a biceps of 23.6″, and he made him seem small in comparison. Here”s the video, judge for yourself:
Side note: Jones loses and breaks his arm in the process. But hey, at least his biceps were huge, right?


They claim that Big Zeke has 23″ biceps. Not sure how accurate that is but they”re pretty big all the same.

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900 shows is a milestone, I”ll give you that, but for 900 shows, Raw has been promoting poor family values. Don”t believe me? I got two words for ya … Katie Vick. And if you don”t get it, that”s fine, just youtube it, and it will drive you to drink, and then you can come see me, and I will save you.
Current Top 5: Daniel Bryan, Chris Jericho, Cody Rhodes, CM Punk, John CenaUFC: Anderson Silva, Jon Jones, Michael Bisping, Nick & Nate Diaz, Roy Nelson, Urijah Faber #MillionsOfDollars
TV shows are the best entertainment programmes like wrestling. My favourite TV show is RAW and SMACK DOWN. I specially like fight of Rey mysterio and Randy Ortan. It was very amazing fight with lots of stunt.

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