Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Have ‘Bennifer’ Reality Show In The Works At Netflix?

Are Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck planning to broadcast their love to the world through their very own reality show? That’s the story one tabloid is pushing this week. Gossip Cop investigates the wild rumor.

Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Workshop Reality Show?

This week’s edition of Woman’s Day reports Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are “sealing the deal” on their reunion by launching their very own Netflix reality show. An inside source tells the tabloid Jennifer Lopez’s multi-year deal with the streaming service struggled to get off the ground as her relationship with Alex Rodriguez imploded. But now that she’s found love all over again with Affleck, she knows what she what series she wants to star in: a reality series showcasing her and Affleck’s relationship.

An insider told the tabloid, “She and Ben are very wary of working on a project together after their film Gigli flopped, but a reality show is a totally different model,” adding, “It’s also going to be very funny, because that’s all they do — laugh, tease, flirt — and play pranks on each other involving the kids. They know there’s a lot of interest in their romance and this way they can satisfy their fans and hopefully discourage the paparazzi from ruining their lives again.”

The tabloid then points to Affleck’s recent outing with Lopez and her kids from her previous marriage to Marc Anthony as a good sign for the show. The source explains, “They are slowly getting to know Ben,” adding, “Everything seems to be running smoothly… [Jennifer] hasn’t looked this happy for a long time.” Then, the Australian tabloid claimed the reality show might head down under.

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Australian native Hugh Jackman and Matt Damon, who’s been marooned in the country filming the next Thor movie, are planning to star in a film with Affleck. “Hugh’s already told Ben he’s got to get his butt to Oz and join in the fun, as has Matt,” spilled the insider, “Matt and Hugh want to film the drama in Australia but they need to convince Ben.”

‘Bennifer’ Reality Show In The Works?

It’s true Lopez has signed a deal with Netflix, but the announcement made no mention of any reality series. The announcement did include news of two films Lopez has in the works with the streaming service, a film entitled The Mother and another called The Cipher. We’re not sure where this tabloid is getting the idea that Lopez plans to star in a reality television show.

While Lopez and Affleck are far from hiding their reunion, they’re pretty far from broadcasting their intimate lives to the world. It’s worth noting the couple hasn’t even posted about one another on social media. A reality show specifically showcasing their relationship seems like a big leap. And since when do A-list actors ditch acting to star in reality TV? While anything’s possible, this idea seems especially outlandish.

Additionally, the idea that this reality show would somehow take place in Australia just makes it even less believable. While it’s true Jackman, Damon, and Affleck have a project in the works, Damon finally packed it up and left Australia after spending six months there. Obviously, the outlet didn’t do its research.

The Tabloid On Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck

This wouldn’t be the first time Woman’s Day got it wrong about Affleck and Lopez. Last year, the tabloid alleged Affleck was “starving himself” over his split from Ana de Armas. Then, the outlet claimed that Lopez was pregnant with a “miracle baby.” And most recently, the publication implied Affleck was getting back together with his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner. Obviously, Woman’s Day is no authority on Lopez and Affleck’s personal lives.

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