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Jackie confronts Laura when she discovers that she spoke to her daughter, the women attend a seance, and things get heated when Gloria tries to catch Draya in a lie.

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John Salley sits down with the cast to find out if Jackie and Laura have overcome their differences, and Gloria makes a declaration about her role on the show.

John Salley asks each woman who they would like to see booted from the show, and the group reveals where they stand after their tumultuous New Orleans trip.

Jackie invites some of the women to plan a GLAAD event, but tensions flare as the newcomers get to know each other, and Draya has a new boyfriend.

Brandi and Jason meet with a fertility specialist, and Brittish”s attempt to smooth things over with the group by throwing a tea party doesn”t go as planned.

Doug Christie offers advice to Brittish”s husband Lorenzo, and Draya receives devastating news about her boyfriend from Jackie.
Draya confronts her boyfriend about accusations of infidelity with Jackie’s daughter, Jackie’s gala event falls apart, and Brittish gets into an altercation with Malaysia.
With the group still reeling from Jackie”s event, Sundy plans a getaway for the ladies but decides not to invite Brittish, and Malaysia agrees to support Brandi through IVF.
Tensions between Draya and Sundy erupt during the group”s Palm Springs trip, Brittish gets surprising news from Lorenzo, and Draya makes a confession to Jackie about Chantel.
Doug and Jackie pose semi-nude for their cognac bottle design, the ladies take part in a zombie mud run, and Jackie forces a meeting between her daughter Chantel and Draya.
Jackie invites the women to France while she works on her cognac brand, Malaysia defends Draya to Jackie, and Orlando and Draya have a sit-down with Chantel and Jackie.
The women (sans Draya) head to France to launch Jackie”s cognac brand, but divisions in the group threaten to spoil the trip and end friendships.
While in France, Brittish gets a surprise present from her fiance, and Sundy”s attempt to reconcile with Jackie and Malaysia ends up splintering the entire group.

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John Salley sits down with the ladies to unpack Sundy and Brandi”s beef, Jackie discusses the drama between Chantel and Draya, and one woman refuses to join the group onstage.
Jackie tries to work her way back into the group”s good graces after the Paris trip, but Malaysia and Brandi refuse to speak to her unless she agrees to some stipulations.
Jackie becomes overwhelmed while directing a commercial for her cognac brand, new girl Mehgan is stirring up trouble, and Draya and Brandi push Malaysia to her breaking point.
Shaunie joins the group in L.A., Malaysia agrees to sit down with Jackie to hash out their issues, and the women call out Mehgan”s shady behavior at Shaunie”s birthday party.
Shaunie meets up with Evelyn to discuss the drama in L.A., Mehgan confronts Draya for talking behind her back, and Jackie becomes jealous of Draya and Angel”s friendship.
The women take a trip to Santa Barbara, where Jackie questions who”s “real” friends with whom, and things go south during a game of Q and A when Mehgan resurrects old drama.
The group”s trip to Santa Barbara comes to a quick end when Draya prompts Mehgan to question Jackie”s loyalty, and Patrice opens up to Brandi and Malaysia about her home life.
The women play dodgeball together to work off their aggressions, Brandi and Malaysia call out Draya for her selfish ways, and Shaunie strikes up a friendship with Mehgan.
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