Barbra Streisand ‘Blindsided’ By Divorce Papers

Barbra Streisand and James Brolin recently celebrated their 22nd wedding anniversary. One tabloid claims Streisand recently discovered that her husband’s divorce papers which allege that he is a cheater. Gossip Cop investigates.

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‘Cheating James Brolin’s Secret History’

According to the cover story of the National Enquirer, Streisand “has been rocked by blistering charges her husband, James Brolin, was caught cheating with another woman.” The Funny Girl star discovered “divorce papers filed by James’ first wife, Jane Agee” which said he had “Numerous affairs.” The tabloid prints those legal documents, which say Brolin started dating his second wife Jan Smithers while he was still married to Agee. A source says “Barba couldn’t believe what she was reading.”

Streisand is now “worried James will break her heart, too,” because “her first marriage to Elliott Gould crashed and burned over his wandering eye.” A source says Brolin and Streisand have an arrangement that works: “they have stayed together all these years and settled into a comfortable arrangement where he can do his thing and she can do hers,” but this means the two spend enough time apart for Brolin to potentially cheat.

A Bait And Switch

The tabloid discusses a “shocking wedding with another woman” and prints divorce papers… from 1984. Everything described in this piece happened over a decade before Streisand and Brolin even met, but the tabloid prints the headline “Streisand blindsided by divorce papers” to make you think she and Brolin are going to break up. This is shameless a bait and switch, as the story itself doesn’t quite deliver what the headline promises.

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Streisand And Brolin Are Still Together

This whole premise feels extremely unlikely. Why would Brolin’s divorce papers from 1984 just be laying around the house? Surely Streisand and Brolin would have discussed their respective divorces sometime in the past 22 years. Streisand has often shared some photos of herself and Brolin on Instagram, including this recent anniversary post.

She also used a photo of herself and Brolin to celebrate her daughter-in-law’s birthday.

Granted this blindsiding could have happened more recently than these posts, but Gossip Cop just doesn’t buy this story as divorce papers from nearly 40 years ago aren’t going to be left around, not would they make much of a difference.  Our guess is that the Enquirer did some digging, found these divorce papers, and invented a salacious story evoking Streisand’s name so it would have a cover story to sell.

Other Bogus Streisand Stroies

This is not the first time this tabloid has attacked the marriage of Streisand and Brolin. It claims the two would get a divorce in 2018, but they’re still together. It reported that Streisand was furious that Brolin was refusing to retire, which was especially odd considering Streisand wasn’t retiring either. Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to the situation for that story who assured us the story was not true.

As for Streisand herself, this tabloid said her friends were worried she would suffer a heart attack over marital drama and overworking herself. That story was built on the marital drama we had already busted, and it’s always unlikely that real friends would talk to the Enquirer in the first place. This divorce story is a bait and switch from a tabloid that only misses the mark when it comes to Streisand, so we’re comfortable saying it’s bogus.

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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.

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