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This page highlights the differences between the AFL and the NFL. These differences make the AFL a much faster paced game with generally higher scoring and keep the NFL a game dominated by strategy where defense wins championships.

Arena Football League


National Football League

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Width85 feetLength50 yardsEndzones8 yards eachTotal field length198 feetSidelines48 inch high, foam padded barrier

Width160 feetLength100 yardsEndzones10 yards eachTotal field length360 feetSidelines6 foot painted border
Width of goal9 feetHeight of crossbar15 feetGoalside Rebound Nets30 feet wide on both sides of goal posts32 feet high, bottom is 8 feet from the groundKickoffs and passing plays may bounce off the nets and still be legally in play. Width of goal18 1/2 feetHeight of crossbar10 feetGoalside Rebound NetsNoneKickoffs, punts, and passing plays out of the back of the endzone are out of play.
Touchdown6 pointsPoints after TouchdownSuccessful place kick – 1 pointSuccessful touchdown – 2 pointsSuccessful drop kick – 2 pointsDefense returns PAT attempt for touchdown2 points for defenseField GoalsBy place kick – 3 pointsBy drop kick – 4 points

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Touchdown6 pointsPoints after TouchdownsSuccessful place kick – 1 pointSuccessful touchdown – 2 pointsDefense returns PAT attempt for touchdownNo score – play dead at change of possessionField GoalsBy place kick only – 3 points

Size20 man active roster4 man inactive rosterOffense8 players on the fieldAt least 4 men on the lineDefense8 players on the field3 down linemenSubstitutionPlayers may only substitute once during a quarter, with exceptionsMotionOne offensive player may be in motion in any direction (including forward) at snap SizeUnlimited rosterOffense11 players on the fieldAt least 7 men on the lineDefense11 players on the field5 down linemenSubstitutionUnlimitedMotionOne offensive player may be in motion either parallel to the line of scrimmage or backwards at snap
Four quarters15 minutes eachHalftime15 minutes with exceptionsTime between plays25 secondsOvertime15 minutes with at least one guaranteed posession to each team

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Four quarters15 minutes eachHalftime12 minutes with exceptionsTime between plays40 secondsOvertime15 minutes sudden-death

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