Are Both Property Brothers Getting Ready For New Babies

What are the chances that both Property Brothers stars, Jonathan and Drew Scott, are becoming first-time fathers at the same exact time? Last year, one tabloid claimed that Zooey Deschanel and Linda Phan became pregnant around the same time. Now, Gossip Cop is looking back on the story to see just how true it was. 

Jonathan Scott and Zooey Deschanel Are Pregnant?

According to a publication by OK!, Jonathan Scott and Zooey Deschanel were expecting their first child around a year ago. To add further intrigue to the story, the tabloid claimed that brother Drew Scott and his wife, Linda Phan, were also expecting a baby. The article also contained information from an unnamed insider close to the Property Brothers twins. The source admitted that “the fact that both brothers are expecting is shocking,” but both Jonathan and Drew were thrilled for fatherhood. 

The insider added that because Deschanel was now pregnant, she should expect a proposal from Jonathan before she gives birth. Apparently, Jonathan was having a “ring custom-made by a top-notch jeweler” and wanted to propose “over a candlelight dinner.” This story contained one exciting piece of news after the next. But was it true? 

Neither Jonathan Nor Drew Scott Was Expecting A Child

Gossip Cop looked into the plausibility of the story at the time to find out if this fairytale-like situation was actually valid. After reaching out to Deschanel’s rep, we were quickly able to debunk the story. Deschanel’s rep told us that the outlet’s article was completely false and that the couple was not expecting their first child, nor were they planning a wedding. Since Jonathan and Deschanel made their relationship public, the tabloids have concocted numerous incorrect stories about every aspect of their relationship. 

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Other False Narratives About Jonathan Scott And Zooey Deschanel

Various outlets, like Life & Style, like to push relationship milestones on Jonathan and Deschanel even if they lack substantial evidence in their stories. In 2019, the tabloid claimed the two were getting married simply because they attended a wedding together. The event apparently “gave Jonathan wedding fever,” but one of Deschanel’s rep informed Gossip Cop the rumor simply wasn’t true. 

Last year, the National Enquirer also falsely published that Deschanel and Jonathan were getting married after COVID restrictions were lifted. The magazine tried to pitch the narrative that although Drew used to have reservations about Deschanel, now he “can’t wait for her to join the family.” Gossip Cop debunked this tale after reaching out to Deschanel’s rep, who (again) denied the story. Although these make for exciting stories, they lack any evidence needed to make them accurate. 

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