Angelina Jolie Ready To Adopt Another Child

One tabloid alleges that Angelina Jolie is refusing to be an empty nester and adopting another child. Is the American actress, filmmaker, and humanitarian really seeking to add a seventh to the mix of six? Gossip Cop investigates this claim that seems to circulate at least a few times a year.

Ange’s Adopting Again

According to Heat, Jolie, who is currently locked in a highly-followed Hollywood custody battle with Pitt, has an important motive for settling matters with him sooner rather than later. Apparently, she’s desperate to adopt again. The outlet purports that the Mrs. Smith star is already feeling woes of empty nest syndrome as her brood gets older. Plus, having adopted three of her six children, Jolie is keen to provide another underprivileged child (or two) the chance at a happy life, it goes on to say. A supposed insider dishes, “This is something Ange always intended to do, but it needed to be put on hold during this ugly business with Brad.” Since 2016, Jolie has been battling with Brad for full custody of their children.

The story continues, explaining that Jolie is used to a busy household having six kids, but now that her oldest, Maddox, is at university in South Korea, she’s aware that they’ll all be leaving home soon. For reference, Jolie’s youngest twins, Knox and Vivienne, are 12. “She has plenty of connections with orphanages around the world — right now, she’s looking at a range of options including the Middle East and South America,” one insider purports. Throwing one last reminder about Jolie and Pitt’s current custody battle, the outlet concludes by mentioning this is just the impetus to settle affairs with him and move on for good.

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“She’s relatively optimistic that the end is in sight. This will enable her to move ahead and bring some new joy into her and the kids’ lives.”

Anything Is Possible And…

Of the narratives that tabloids repeatedly push, this one is actually quite plausible. Having already adopted three children from various countries and being known as an avid humanitarian, she very well might want to continue extending her efforts. However, there’s no solid proof to corroborate this insinuation.

Plus, this outlet already ran this same story under a slightly different headline in 2019, claiming that Brad Pitt was furious over Jolie’s desire to adopt again. “Angelina desperately wants to have another child and is already actively working with an adoption agency to make it happen,” a source said at the time. Although adoptions can be lengthy processes, she still doesn’t have a seventh child, so it’s likely the tabloid fabricated this current headline as well.

Beyond that, this publication doesn’t have a great track record of spitting truth. In 2018, it alleged that Jolie was plotting revenge on Pitt through a series of interviews where she planned to slyly disparage her estranged husband. Of course, other tabloids aren’t shy about suggesting Jolie is adopting again either. Apparently, 2018 was a hot year for Jolie because OK! claimed that the impeccable beauty was adopting a little boy from Syria and Life & Style reported that she was adopting a baby with a new husband, thought to be a wealthy British philanthropist.

Again, even though the story could be true doesn’t make it true right now. Gossip Cop will diligently continue debunking these stretched rumors, especially when they involve imaginary boyfriends and secret revenge plots!

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