Angelina Jolie, Jonny Lee Miller Have Been Secretly Dating For Two Years, According To New Report

Have Angelina Jolie and Jonny Lee Miller been dating for years? One report suggests that she became legally single so she could reunite with her Hackers co-star and ex-husband. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Ange Secretly Dating Her Ex’

According to Woman’s Day, Jolie planned a recent trip to Manhattan specifically so she could see her ex-husband Miller. Jolie was spotted bringing wine up to his apartment and even made sure for her kids to meet him. A source says, “She’s thrilled her kids have met him, especially Pax, who is very protective of Angelina.”

Friends of Jolie are beginning to suspect that she and Miller have been dating for a lot longer than everyone thought. An insider says, “She made such a fuss getting the courts to change her status to officially single in 2019… so there were suspicions she was secretly seeing someone.” The source concludes, “Ange wouldn’t be seeing Jonny so publicly if her kids weren’t on board.”

What’s Going On With Angelina Jolie?

Gossip Cop wants to dwell on the words “so publicly.” Jolie is not publicly seeing anyone. Photographers caught her entering one of her best friend’s apartment buildings, but there aren’t even any recent photos of the two together. To say they’re dating “so publicly” is not accurate.”

Furthermore, the narrative presented in this story does not add up. The beginning of the story makes it sound like Pax was meeting Miller for the first time, but then a so-called insider implies that they’ve dated for years. Which is it then? Have her kids been on board since 2019 or since last week?

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For what it’s worth, Pax was not there to grant Jolie a blessing. He’s friends with Miller’s son, so it was more of a playdate. Miller and Jolie have always been on good terms, so he’s not a new figure in the kid’s lives.

‘Legally Single’

The only evidence this tabloid can muster that Jolie and Miller have dated since 2019 is Jolie’s legal status as single. This had nothing to do with Miller and everything to do with taxes. The process is called bifurcation, and it allows Pitt and Jolie to legally file taxes as “single” instead of “married” as they continue to split assets and finalize the divorce.

If this outlet is to be believed, then Miller and Jolie have dated since 2019. In that time, this tabloid believed she was dating Brad Pitt, an Eternals stuntman, and Evan Rachel Wood. None of these stories were true, but it’s still fun to see a tabloid so blatantly contradict itself.

There’s a very real possibility that Jolie and Miller decide to date again. She’s always spoken glowingly of him, and there was that bottle of wine. However, this Woman’s Day story is inconsistent, lacks any real evidence, and cannot back its claim of a two-year relationship. This story is completely false.

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