Angelina Jolie Adopting Another Child From A Foreign Country?

Last year, a tabloid claimed Angelina Jolie was visiting orphanages in hopes of adopting another child. Gossip Cop is taking a look back at the report, and if the actress followed through with this plan.

Angelina Jolie’s Quest For A Seventh Child

Last year, OK! reported that Jolie was thinking about adopting a seventh child following her eldest child, Maddox, leaving for college in South Korea. An insider told the magazine, “Angelina would have done this years ago, but Brad [Pitt] felt their brood of six was enough,” insisting that the actress wanted to get the ball rolling once her divorce from Pitt was finalized.

The source added Jolie had made “preliminary inquiries” in several countries, like Syria and Haiti, as well as Ethiopia and other parts of Africa. The tipster revealed Jolie was “still firming up plans to visit more orphanages around the world. She’s so very proud of her children and all they’ve accomplished, especially their humanitarian efforts, and she wants to give another child the same opportunity.”

The Truth Behind The Story

Gossip Cop, however, ran the report by a source close to the situation. Our impeccable informant confirmed Angelina Jolie had no plans to adopt any more children and she certainly wasn’t visiting camps across the world. Currently, the actress is still embroiled in her custody/divorce battle against Brad Pitt. The actress has been very open about her decision to adopt three of her children, Maddox, Pax, & Zahara, which is why tabloids often run adoption stories about the Maleficent star often, but she is currently focused on raising her children amid her ongoing court case with Pitt.

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The Adoption Narrative Was Used Before

This isn’t the first time OK! alleged the Wanted star was “adopting” a baby. In 2018, the tabloid claimed Jolie was adopting a son from Syria, which Gossip Cop dismissed as an inaccurate report. When the magazine isn’t busy insisting the actress is expanding her family, it misleads readers with false narratives about the actress’ love life.

In 2019, the publication asserted Jolie secretly dated Colin Ferrell. Gossip Cop debunked the silly story after checking with our source in Jolie’s camp. Whether it’s adopting kids, dating costars, or scheming to ruin her ex-husband’s life, the tabloids have painted Angelina Jolie in a very negative light for years. Gossip Cop will continue to give the readers the truth instead of this nonsense.

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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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