ALF: Avoid These 3 Stocks

The stock market is back to making new highs. However, there are some real concerns under the surface including slowing growth, rising coronavirus case counts, and increasing geopolitical tensions.

Thus, investors should use the market strength as an opportunity to cut positions that are showing signs of fundamental or technical weakness. The POWR Ratings can help you identify these stocks as the list is updated daily.

Let’s shift our attention to a couple of the latest POWR Ratings downgrades. Here is a quick look at Alfi (ALF), DarioHealth (DRIO), and Second Sight Medical Products (EYES).


ALF makes artificial intelligence software-as-a-service platforms for computer vision and machine learning. ALF is currently trading at $9.49. ALF’s 52-week high is $22.50. The stock has a 52-week low of $2.41. ALF has a three-month price return of 219%. The stock’s one-month price return is -10%.

ALF has a F POWR Rating grade. The stock has Fs in the Quality, Value and Stability components of the POWR Ratings. You can find out how ALF fares in the rest of the POWR Ratings components such as Momentum, Sentiment and Growth by clicking here.

Out of the 61 stocks in the Software – Business segment, ALF is ranked 58th. Click here to learn more about the stocks in this space.


DRIO makes digital and mobile tools that are health-related. As an example, DRIO’s Smart Diabetes Management Solution system is a combination of treatment tools, a web portal, a phone app, and a blood glucose meter in one convenient tool.

DRIO has a F POWR Rating grade. The stock has a F Quality component grade along with Ds in the Momentum, Sentiment and Stability components of the POWR Ratings. By clicking here, you can find out more about how DRIO fares in the remainder of the POWR Ratings components such as Value and Growth.

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Out of the 56 publicly traded companies in the Medical – Diagnostics/Research space, DRIO is ranked 53rd. Click here to find out more about the stocks in this segment.

DRIO has a 1.36 beta. a reasonable beta that indicates the stock won’t move too much should the market take investors for a ride.

The top analysts are pounding the table in favor of DRIO, insisting it will rise to their average target price of $27.86. A climb to this price point would represent an increase of 145.9%. The highest analyst price target for the stock is $5. The lowest analyst price target for DRIO is $15.25. Across the prior 28 weeks, the stock’s average upside potential has been nearly 44%.

However, DRIO has been a poor performer in years past but for 2020. Check out the stock’s price returns and you will find everything is red dating back to ’16 but for the lone exception of ’20. DRIO had a ’19 price return of -57% and has a year to date price return of -18%. The stock’s five-year price return is a disappointing -81%.


EYES makes medical devices. To be more specific, EYES makes prosthetic devimplanted to restoreon of vision for the blind.

EYES is currently priced at $3.62. The stock has a 52-week high of $20. EYES has a 52-week low of 69 cents. EYES has a 3.36 beta. This is an exorbitantly high beta that indicates EYES will swing quite wildly if the market becomes volatile.

EYES has a F POWR Rating grade with a F Quality component grade. The stock has Ds in the Sentiment, Value and Stability components. Investors who would like to find out how EYES fares in the rest of the POWR Ratings components such as Momentum and Growth can do so by clicking here.

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Out of 186 stocks in the Medical – Devices & Equipment space, EYES is ranked in the bottom 10, slotting in at 176th overall. You can learn more about the stocks in this segment by clicking here.

ALF shares rose $0.07 (+0.73%) in premarket trading Tuesday. Year-to-date, ALF has gained 224.48%, versus a 20.46% rise in the benchmark S&P 500 index during the same period.

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