Alex Rodriguez Source Calls National Enquirer Cheating Story “B.S.”

A source close to Alex Rodriguez is disputing a National Enquirer cover story that alleges he’s cheating on Jennifer Lopez with a former girlfriend, calling it “B.S.,” but the tabloid is standing by its claims. Gossip Cop investigated the allegations, and can reveal what we know from both sides.

The new issue of the supermarket tabloid hit newsstands on Wednesday blaring, “World Exclusive: A-Rod Cheats On J.Lo With This Woman!” The cover further touts the “mistress’ explosive tell-all.” Inside the edition, the article declares Rodriguez and Lopez’s “romance is over” because he cheated on her “through sordid phone sex, hotel hookup arrangements and even demands for steroids.”

The so-called “mistress” is Lauren Hunter, who reportedly dated Rodriguez several years ago. The gossip magazine claims their relationship entailed “wild nights of rough sex, dirty talk and twisted pleas for masturbation videos.” In the story, Hunter specifically alleges Rodriguez cut off contact with her when he started seeing Lopez in March, but claims they began FaceTiming again in April with explicit conversations. Hunter alleges Rodriguez asked her in mid-May to meet up in Kansas City, but he supposedly bailed on the plans before they could be finalized. Hunter goes on to claim their contact ended again in late May.

As evidence of the purported secret relationship, the publication has recreated their alleged text message exchanges. The outlet, however, does not acknowledge in its story that these are recreations, instead wrongly implying the images are authentic. While the tabloid’s editor claimed to Gossip Cop they never publish any actual texts they obtain, citing “copyright infringement” issues, we found examples of the National Enquirer previously publishing other actual texts and even putting its watermark on them so the world would know they possessed these original messages. Additionally, Gossip Cop asked specifically whether there was proof that Rodriguez sent these alleged texts from March to May 2017, but did not receive a response.

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While investigating, Gossip Cop obtained a May 11 text purportedly from Rodriguez to Hunter that was sexual in nature. However, the contents of it were not in the article, and we cannot independently verify that it indeed was from the ballplayer to the alleged mistress, as no names are attached. And while the magazine is standing by its reporting, the story relies entirely on Hunter’s claims with no comment from Rodriguez’s side.

Now in the wake of the article’s release, some in Rodriguez’s camp are slamming Hunter’s assertions. While acknowledging they were previously involved, one Rodriguez insider insists she only went to the tabloid with her sordid claims after a failed attempt at what was termed “extortion.” Hunter, who has three kids with two men, including former football star Marcus Allen, allegedly asked Rodriguez for money repeatedly, Gossip Cop is told, and when he refused, she threatened to sell stories about them to the media. The crux of Hunter’s alleged plot, we’re told, is passing off years-old text messages as if they were inappropriate conversations she and Rodriguez had now during his relationship with Lopez. As noted above, Gossip Cop sought further information on the authenticity of these alleged texts, particularly the timestamps, which were not included in the magazine’s recreations.

“It’s from years ago,” one source close to Rodriguez insists to Gossip Cop, maintaining the claims he and Hunter are currently “sexting” are “B.S.” We’re told he has not reached out to his former flame “while he’s been” dating Lopez. It’s “extortion,” contends the contact. It remains to be seen whether Rodriguez will take legal action against Hunter or the National Enquirer. A rep for the one-time MLB superstar would not comment. Gossip Cop tried a number of avenues to get a comment from Hunter, but she has not responded. It should also be noted that, despite the tabloid’s contention, Rodriguez’s romance with Lopez is not “over,” a source close to the singer assures us.

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