Alec, Hilaria Baldwin’s Marriage Strained, Couple Living Separately

Did Alec and Hilaria Baldwin’s marriage become “strained” because Alec was living separately from his family in the wake of Hilaria’s heritage scandal? One outlet says that Hilaria was struggling to raise the couple’s five young children while Alec was busy at work in Manhattan. Gossip Cop looked into the claims and can clarify the matter. 

Hilaria Baldwin Wants Alec To Come Back Home?

A recent report out of OK! claimed Alec and Hilaria Baldwin had been living separately for some time. While Hilaria and the couple’s five children stayed in the family’s Hamptons estate, Alec lived elsewhere. The tabloid wrote that Alec’s “handy excuse” for his separation from his family was because of work. The 30 Rock star had to travel back and forth to Manhattan for work and worried about exposing them to COVID-19. But insiders were supposedly wondering “if there’s something more to the story.” 

A source told the tabloid that Alec’s absence came at a terrible time for Hilaria, who was allegedly still reeling from the fallout of her heritage scandal. Her husband’s disappearing act had also caused “a lot of whispers in their social circles,” despite the fact that the couple had publicly maintained that Alec was only away to keep from “potentially exposing the family to COVID.” The outside speculation wasn’t the only thing dragging the couple, and Hilaria in particular, down.

Hilaria Overwhelmed Caring For Their Children?

While Alec was off working, Hilaria was at home with their children. “Hilaria is already stretched so thin,” the source tutted, “She needs all the help she can get” with Alec off on his own. Even though she “totally understands” that Alec has a job to do, she’d still “appreciate if he pressed pause on some of these projects and moved back in.” After all, the source continued, her husband had left her alone “during the toughest period of her life, bar none. Hilaria’s really needed him around for moral support.”

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As a result of all the stress Hilaria was facing from both raising the couple’s kids on her own and the negative attention brought on by her scandal, the pair’s marriage had supposedly become “strained.” The insider whispered, “The situation on the homefront is becoming unbearable, emotionally as well as practically.” If worst came to worst, and the couple decided to split for good, Alec’s $60 million fortune was at risk, so “no one wants to see Alec and Hilaria get divorced,” the insider concluded. 

Gossip Cop’s Take

There were several parts of this story that caused Gossip Cop to become suspicious. First of all, the assertion that Hilaria Baldwin’s scandal over her claims of Spanish heritage was the cause of the “toughest period of her life” rings totally untrue. Hilaria suffered through two miscarriages in one year, losing one baby just after reaching her second trimester. It’s incredibly callous for the so-called “insider” to claim that this scandal has supposedly been the worst period of Hilaria’s life “bar none,” considering what she’s been through in the very recent past.

It’s also very typical of the tabloids to utterly dismiss completely logical explanations in order to fan the flames of more salacious rumors. Alec Baldwin’s reason for living apart from his family is entirely reasonable. Of course he wouldn’t want to unwittingly pass along the coronavirus to his wife or children, who are all under the age of 8. And it’s not like he’s never around, either, with both Alec and Hilaria posting photos of him hanging out with the children to their respective Instagram accounts. 

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Ever since Hilaria’s heritage controversy came out, Gossip Cop has seen a number of rumors flying around about how the scandal had affected the couple. OK!’s sister outlet, the National Enquirer, insisted that Alec had forced Hilaria to apologize for the scandal out of fear that it might negatively impact his acting career. There was never a need for him to worry, which made the outlet’s bizarre report all the easier to bust.

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