Alec Baldwin’s Marriage Failing After Spanish Scandals, Quarantine Troubles?

Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Baldwin have already spent much of 2021 embroiled in scandal. The latter’s been accused of pretending to be from Spain, and the ensuing public outcry has kept the family in the tabloids. We checking in to see how things are going for the Baldwins.

Crisis Over Spanish Scandal

When the news made the rounds that Hilaria may have been lying about her Spanish heritage, Woman’s Day took the story one step further. It claimed Alec and Hilaria Baldwin’s marriage was in crisis after the two were photographed looking unhappy. A source said, “there’s only so far his love will extend.” The story also said that the whole marriage was built on a lie, which is a pretty rotten thing to make up. The tabloid carefully selected the unhappiest photos of the Baldwins. Other photos from the outing in question showed the two looking close and happy. Since Alec has passionately defended his wife, Gossip Cop debunked this story.

Alec’s Moving Out

Woman’s Day was at it again when it claimed Alec Baldwin was moving out of his family’s home in the wake of Hilaria’s cultural appropriation accusations. An informant said, “Hilaria and Alec have looked extremely frosty towards one another. It must be humiliating for him, for his own wife to be accused of changing her identity, even going so far as to fake her.” The story was misleading. Alec did move out of the house… into the guesthouse. He was in quarantine away from his family because of COVID-19, not because he felt humiliated by Hilaria.

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Alec’s Career Is Over?

The National Enquirer claimed Hilaria Baldwin only issued a public apology after Alec “made her do it – to protect his career.” Alec was taking heat over the scandal, and a source said “he feels like she should have ditched this charade years ago and now he is paying the price.” Gossip Cop easily busted this story, for Alec has publicly supported Hilaria through the whole scandal. Furthermore, he’s still attached to loads of projects. His career is fine, so the story is bogus.

Haircut Break-Up?

Last year, the Enquirer claimed Hilaria and Alec would break up over a lousy quarantine haircut. Hilaria, who was pregnant at the time, posted videos of herself cutting Alec’s hair. A so-called source said Alec was livid, and the fight “may be a sign that the glow of the pregnancy has worn off!” Once you actually watched the videos, it was obvious that this story was an outright fabrication. Alec loved the haircut and was just making jokes about Hilaria not knowing how to cut hair. The story was completely false.

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