Alabama high school wrestling rankings

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JH/MIDDLE SCHOOL (2020-21)Contests Allowed: 8 Dates Plus TournamentsOct. 19--First PracticeNov. 5--First ContestFeb. 4--End of Season


Rules Updates & ClarificationsArtificial Limbs: The floorballcoach.org authorizes the usage of man-made limbs which, in the opinion of the Referee assigned to the complement, are no even more dangerous to rivals than the matching human limb and also carry out not area an foe at a disadvantage.Eyeglasses: It is not recommended for wrestlers to wear eyeglasses in the time of a enhance. However, a wrestler might wear eyeglasses in the time of a enhance if that wrestler also wears protective eyewear or a challenge mask that covers the eyeglasses. The recommended type of eyewear to be worn is a product called RecSpecs, which need to be form-fitting to the face and also secured.

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Wrestling Weight Certification 2021-22Dates


Appeal of Wrestlers Body Fat Complace Result: Click Here

ENCORE Document for Weight Management

Pre-reserved time slots will certainly be used at every one of the areas detailed listed below. A coach have to contact Bridgett Henderboy of Encore Rehabilitation Corp. (256) 784-5600 or (256) 606-1222 before 8:00 p.m. to schedule a time slot for your team. Scheduling will not take place until July 1, 2021. The complete team and also Coach shall arrive at your booked time slot. The Coach should lug a complete listing of the athletes names along with the complete payment for the team’s handling fees. A $25.00 fee will certainly be charged per wrestler.

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