Adele Warned That She’s ‘Headed For Heartbreak’ With New Boyfriend?

Are Adele‘s friends warning her to tread carefully with her new boyfriend, Rich Paul? One tabloid insists the star is “headed for heartbreak.” Gossip Cop investigates the rumor.

Adele’s Friends Don’t Trust Her New Boyfriend?

This week’s edition of Woman’s Day reports that Adele’s new romance with “basketball super-agent” Rich Paul may not be as perfect as it seems. According to the tabloid, the singer’s friends are warning her not to trust her new beau. An inside source dishes, “Rich isn’t exactly known for being ‘the relationship type.’ He and LeBron James used to party with Tristan Thompson, Drake and all that crew for years.”

The source goes on, adding, “Rich might be treating Adele, 33, like a queen now, but some worry that he could turn out to be a bad boy in the long run.” The outlet notes that this is Adele’s first serious relationship since she and Simon Konecki divorced. Since Adele is in a vulnerable state, the magazine insists friends fear she “may be hurt by agent Rich.” The inside source adds, “Everyone’s worried Adele’s headed for a huge heartache.”

Adele ‘Headed For Heartbreak’?

So, is it true Adele’s risking heartbreak with her new romance? While anything’s possible, it doesn’t seem like the singer or her inner circle is too concerned about Paul. A source close to the singer told People — a far more reputable source — that their relationship is “not super serious, but they’re having a good time.” The source added, “They have mutual friends in common, so that’s been nice. She’s having fun and being social.” Besides, we doubt Adele is rushing into anything too serious after only recently finalizing her divorce.

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And despite the tabloid’s claim, Adele seems to be blending quite well into Paul’s social circle. The couple was recently spotted on a triple date with LeBron James, Russell Westbrook, and their wives. While the tabloid casts doubt and negativity on Adele’s new relationship, she seems to be having a great time and isn’t stressing the future. Besides, the tabloids have never been right about Adele’s dating life.

Similar Bogus Stories

But Woman’s Day has published plenty of inaccurate stories about celebrities being “warned” about their love lives. Last year, the magazine claimed Chris Hemsworth’s wife was “warning” Natalie Portman to stay away from him. Then the outlet alleged Amal Clooney was “warning” Julia Roberts to keep her hands off George Clooney. And most recently, the tabloid reported Renée Zellweger’s friends were “warning” her about her new boyfriend, which is just too familiar. Obviously, Woman’s Day doesn’t have the insight into celebrities’ dating lives that it pretends to.

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