Aaron Rodgers, Shailene Woodley Getting ‘Cold Feet’ After Engagement?

Aaron Rodgers‘ engagement to Shailene Woodley came a surprise to the entertainment world, and the quiet couple has continued to operate under the radar even after their announcement. One outlet says that there’s a problem in the relationship however. Here’s what we know.

Aaron Rodgers’ Family Panic

“The Glitch In Aaron’s Hitch: His Parents!” reads one story in the National Enquirer. The infamous magazine says that both Rodgers and Woodley “are getting cold feet” as their relationship develops, and there’s only one cause: his family. A source says that the two stars are otherwise extremely happy together, but when it comes to meeting their future spouse’s parents, it’s a rocky road. Rodgers’ distance from his family is infamous, and sources say that the quarterback “had a blowout fight” with his Bachelorette-winning brother, Jordan, after he gabbed about their problems on the show.

The snitches add that Aaron reportedly skipped out on his grandfather’s funeral and has kept his personal phone number hidden from everyone else in his family. “His father and other people in the family haven’t talked to Aaron in about seven years and probably think he’s gone Hollywood and become too big for his britches,” another anonymous source explains. “Aaron doesn’t want to bring Shailene into this unpleasant atmosphere.” Woodley, however, disagrees with her fiance. “Shailene is encouraging Aaron to let bygones be bygones and clear the air with his folks — but he’s not ready to do that,” the source says.

Woodley, on the other hand, has publicly said that she’s had a few problems with her own parents but ultimately loves them anyhow, a philosophy that Aaron Rodgers doesn’t understand. “Needles to say, Aaron’s very shy about meeting her folks,” the insider concludes.

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What’s Going On With Aaron Rodgers?

It is true that Aaron Rodgers had a serious falling-out with his family, and it’s also true that Shailene Woodley has said that her parents drove her crazy on occasion. However, it’s a bit much to turn those two situations into a tale of relationship troubles for the two stars. Aaron Rodgers’ problems with his family are extremely well known, and it’s a subject Woodley was no doubt familiar with before she and Rodgers began dating. Even if she wasn’t, it’s something he would’ve explained to her at some point before they got engaged. As such, we’re skeptical of the tabloid’s claims that she’s pushing him to just move on instead of understanding his wishes.

For what it’s worth, it’s also bizarre to argue that his family thinks he’s “gone Hollywood” despite living one of the most low-key lives for one of the NFL’s biggest stars. It certainly seems like going on The Bachelorette to talk about your family problems is a lot closer to “going Hollywood” than limiting your media presence to the occasional podcast appearance and guest hosting Jeopardy!. The much more reliable E! says that Rodgers and Woodley are getting along great and are focused on making time for each other despite their busy careers, and we doubt that time is spent bickering over an old feud with his parents.

One More Thing

There’s another reason we’re skeptical of this report. The National Enquirer is far from reliable, and we’ve seen our fair share of outright false headlines from the tabloid. For example, it said that Jamie Foxx had been spending time with Katie Holmes’ parents to get their approval to marry her back in 2019. Though the outlet claimed that Holmes’ parents had signed off on the wedding, the two celebrities actually ended up splitting.

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The magazine has also published stories about Tom Brady having more kids with his wife, Gisele Bundchen. Those reports turned out to be fake, and it’s more than obvious that the Enquirer doesn’t know what’s really happening with NFL players or celebrity families.

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