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Carol Burnett is a truly legendary entertainer who got her start way back in the 1950’s. Her work influenced an entire generation of new talent, as comedians such as Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and Steve Carell are among the many stars who have sung her praises.

But is Carol Burnett still alive? It’s been decades since she peaked with her own variety show, and many former fans haven’t kept up with her career since then. Get the details on what the comedy queen was up to in the last couple of decades.

Her Career Since ‘The Carol Burnett Show’


September 2021 will mark an amazing 54 years since The Carol Burnett Show debuted on CBS. The groundbreaking variety show was something of a predecessor to Saturday Night Live—a mix of parodies, musical numbers, and audience interactions, all performed by Burnett and a supporting ensemble cast.

During the show’s run and after its wrap in 1978, Burnett stayed busy with her career on television and made a few film appearances as well. She was the first celebrity to appear on Sesame Street, appeared in other sketch shows, and even took some dramatic roles. She was also a frequent guest or supporting role on many popular shows, including Mad About You, Hawaii Five-O, and Glee.

Beyond her film and TV show appearances, Burnett worked on Broadway and live theater, as well as wrote and narrated numerous memoirs, earning her both Tony and Grammy nominations respectively.

Status Of Carol Burnett Health In 2021

Carol Burnett is alive and thriving in her late 80s. In 2020, she spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about living through the pandemic from her Santa Barbara home. She told the outlet that she kept busy by watching movies with her husband, getting daily exercise, and supporting local restaurants with takeout orders.

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“My heart goes out to the people who have lost their jobs, and all of the first responders, doctors and nurses who are putting their lives on the line,” Burnett said. “It’s not much of a sacrifice, at least for me right now, just to sit on the sofa.”

Sadly, Burnett even outlived one of her children. In 2001, her youngest daughter Carrie Hamilton was diagnosed with lung cancer at age 38. She died the following year.

“I think of her every day,” Burnett told People in 2018. “She never leaves me… I just feel her.”

What Is Carol Burnett Doing Now In 2021?

Carol Burnett at the 76th Annual Golden Globes holding her award.
(Joe Seer/Shutterstock.com)

Burnett is definitely keeping busy. A 2020 tour was canceled due to the pandemic, but dates for Carol Burnett: An Evening of Laughter and Reflection have been moved to 2022.

“I miss [touring life] because for me it keeps the old grey matter ticking,” she told Salt Wire. “I never know what they’re going to ask so I have to be on my toes. It keeps me young.”

Burnett also starred in two recent Netflix productions: A Little Help with Carol Burnett (2018) and All Together Now (2020).

Finally, Burnett sets aside time for charitable endeavors. Helping others was a promise she made to a benefactor she met early in her career. In late May 2021 she participated in Broadway Barks, a popular annual fundraiser for animal shelters and rescue groups.

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