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A Dazzle Of Zebras – Polkra X Fee Greening Matchboxes

Sure, you could just slap an “s” on the end of “bear” and people will know what you mean. But most animals actually have a unique name for their collective group. Though uncommon, these are all unique terms for animal groups.

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Tigers: Notoriously solitary, tigers don’t often travel in groups. So you may not ever have the chance to identify an “ambush” of tigers. And maybe that’s for the best.

Photo credit: Lotse


Crocodiles: Basically, what a croc does is what it’s called. So a bunch of crocodiles on land is a “bask” while a bunch in the water is a “float.”

Photo credit: Tomas Castelazo


Hippopotamus: Because everyone will look at you funny if you say “hippopotami,” you could call a group of hippos a “thunder.” Or if you’re mean, call them a “bloat.”

Photo credit: Nilsrinaldi


Hawks: While in flight, call them a “kettle.” But when they’re circling for prey, a group of hawks is a full-on “boil.”

Photo credit: Scott Jennings

Pheasant: Before it’s riddled with five shot, a pheasant in a group is part of a “bouquet.”

Photo credit: Gary Noon

Ferrets: If you see more than one ferret, you’re looking at a “business.” And if you live near a city, it’s also a “problem.”

Photo credit: Craig M. Groshek

Hyenas: Call it like you hear it. A group of hyenas is actually a “cackle.”

Photo credit: Ikiwaner

Bats: When the sky goes dark with a load of bats, you’ve got a “cauldron.” You may also want to head indoors.

Photo credit: Aidan Jones

Bobolinks: Believe it or not, a group of bobolinks is a “chain.” And to answer your next question, a bobolink is a small blackbird found in North and South America. It’s also the sole member of the genus Dolichonyx – but you probably already knew that.

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Photo credit: D. Gordon E. Robertson

Goldfinch: If you see a bunch of goldfinches, it could be your lucky day; that’s a “charm.”

Photo credit: Ken Thomas

Cats: Here kitty, kitty … Oh, there’s a bunch of you! Here clowder, clowder…

Photo credit: Eddy Van 3000

Alligators: When you see a group of alligators it’s a “congregation.” And if you happen to be swimming, it’s “sheer horror.”

Photo credit: CarmenQueasy

Salamanders: With a salamanders, as with people, “congress” and “maelstrom” mean the same thing.

Photo credit: Cristo Vlahos

Lemurs: How many lemurs do you see? A bunch? I don’t know, seems like a “conspiracy” to me.

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Photo credit: Mark Kent

Eagles: The most regal animal in America earns one of the most respectable group titles: “convocation.”

Photo credit: Vtornet

Dogs: Puppies are a litter, wild dogs are a pack, and a roving group of feral dogs is a “cowardice.”

Photo credit: Sardaka

Rhinos: Of course you could say a “stubbornness” of rhinos and be correct. But a “crash” of rhinoceroses sounds so much cooler.

Photo credit: Krish Dulal

Lapwings: If you hear a shrill, wailing cry, then note a crest and irregular wingbeat, you’ve got yourself a lapwing. And if you see bunch more, that’s a “deceit.”

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