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Formations are the blueprint for your football (soccer) team’s tactics. Within those formations your players need to exploit their positions to be successful. Here I look at the pros and cons of a 2-2-2 formation at 7-a-side and how it works.

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This 2-2-2 formation is a balanced formation and easy for young players to understand. It appears to be the obvious choice for a 7-a-side team with six outfield players, as it covers every option.

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But it is the formation you will come up against a lot in matches. So another advantage of knowing how it works is you will know the best way to disrupt it.

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On the one hand, this formation lacks imagination, while on the other, it is an easy way to get young players to understand their positions. Players are partnered in defence, midfield and attack, so it is relatively simple to explain their responsibilities.




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