4 Times The Tabloids Were Wrong About Julia Roberts Having Affairs

Julia Roberts is constantly written about in the tabloids. The A-lister has often been the subject of insulting stories involving her marriage to Daniel Moder, specifically that she was cheating. Gossip Cop has busted a lot of these allegations in the past, but here the most recent time the unreliable outlets were wrong about Roberts’ having affairs.

The first bust on our list took place in October 2019 when NW claimed Roberts’ was leaning on her ex-boyfriend, Jason Patric, amid problems with Moder. The publication claimed Roberts’ secretly reconnected with Patric. A supposed “source” said, “Julia and Jason reach out to each other to check-in. Interestingly it seems to be whenever Julia is unhappy in her life or relationship”. The source continued, saying Moder was “upset” about the reunion, particularly because of Roberts and Patric’s past relationship.

Roberts and Patric dated almost 30 years ago when the actress ran off with him after jilting her former fiance, Kiefer Sutherland. The magazine speculated that Moder was worried “history would repeat itself” with Patric and Roberts supposedly being close again. Gossip Cop debunked this story after speaking to Patrick’s rep, who told us the story was “completely inaccurate as well as offensive to Jason Patric and to the relationship of Julia Roberts and Danny Moder,” adding, “We categorically deny this absurd and offensive story.”

In January, Woman’s Day published a story alleging Roberts and Moder were fighting over Leonardo DiCaprio. The story was invented by the tabloid based on a photo of Roberts and Moder chatting with DiCaprio at Sean Penn’s 10th annual CORE gala in Los Angeles. The outlet contended even though the couple was pictured speaking together with Penn, Moder was ignored throughout the conversation. The magazine further claimed Moder and Roberts had an “all-out” argument because of it.

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A supposed “on-looker” said Roberts looked “smitten” with DiCaprio, adding, “It was quite awkward to watch as Danny was often left out of their cozy chats. She was throwing down that dazzling smile to Leo the entire time, while Danny looked like the third wheel on Julia and Leo’s date night!”

The entire story was bogus. The photo of Moder and Roberts clearly showed both talking with DiCaprio, both smiling and engaging with him. Also, the couple has known the actor for years and are friends of his, it’s hardly a surprise they would have a friendly chat.

In February of this year, the National Enquirer alleged Roberts was caught kissing another man that wasn’t Moder. The outlet correctly reported Roberts kissed “hunky millionaire restaurateur Bruce Bozzi” after an Oscars event. The magazine added the couple had just recovered from “a year of ugly fights and confrontations that put the couple on the brink of a $200 million divorce,” and the kiss added the “final blow” for Moder. The problem for the tabloid, however, is that Bozzi is gay and has been happily married to his husband for three years.

The latest rumor Gossip Cop has debunked came just last week. NW falsely accused Roberts of “getting cozy” with another ex, Benjamin Bratt. This time publication insisted that Roberts was “falling back” on her ex for comfort while her marriage with Moder was struggling. A source alleged after the Pretty Woman star bought a house in San Francisco, she sent Bratt a friendly text since he also lives there.

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Once again NW doesn’t know what it’s talking about. For starters, Bratt is married to Talisa Soto. NW also seems to like pairing up Roberts with exes, just like with Jason Patric. Gossip Cop reached out to a rep for Bratt who dismissed the story outright. It’s worth noting, the tabloid made no mention of its previous phony claim that closely resembled this one.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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