3 “Buy Rated” Stocks Bucking the Trend and Moving Higher

The stock market might be entering a bear market, yet some stocks are continuing to move higher for a variety of reasons. Even if the virus continues to spread and the economy is stuck in a deep trough, some stocks will continue to ascend simply because of positive news related to their operations, niche, or industry.

The challenge lies in pinpointing the “Buy” rated stocks that have the potential to go against the grain and move higher while the rest of the market stagnates or drops.

Below, we highlight three such stocks: Pinterest (PINS), Vipshop Holdings (VIPS), and Harley-Davidson (HOG).

Pinterest (PINS)

PINS was in the news a few months ago for terminating the lease on its primary operations center before the lease’s end and eating a massive fee. However, the move reduced overhead and positioned the company for future success. Ask anyone who surfs the web with regularity about the increase in the number of Pinterest pages shared in their social circle or featured on the internet’s top sites, and you will find PINS is worthy of the hype and then some. 

PINS is gradually growing in popularity with each passing day. In particular, PINS is popular amongst those all-important youngsters in the Generation Z and millennial age cohorts and those located outside of the United States.


Check out PINS’ POWR Ratings, and you will find the stock has “A” grades in the Industry Rank, Trade Grade, and Peer Grade components. Out of 22 analysts who have cover PINS, 13 recommend buying it, nine recommend holding, and none advise selling. PINS revenue spiked more than 50% in the past year alone. Furthermore, its revenue is up 35% on a quarterly year-over-year basis.

PINS’ revenue spiked nearly 60% in the third-quarter as advertisers returned to the platform following the peak in the first wave of the pandemic. Furthermore, PINS’ quarterly monthly active users are up nearly 40% on a year-over-year basis. PINS looks like a solid long-term hold.

Vipshop Holdings (VIPS)

Discount retailers like VIPS are all the rage these days, providing low-cost products for penny-pinching consumers. VIPS’ customers are located in China. The company sells everything from apparel to cosmetics, lifestyle products, home goods, and more.

VIPS has “A” grades in the POWR Ratings components of Industry Rank and Trade Grade. The stock has a fairly low forward P/E of 18. Though VIPS fell to $15 in October, the stock has moved back up toward its summer high of $24 in recent weeks.

VIPS’ 6% spike in year-over-year sales is significant because the global economy has contracted. Furthermore, VIPS’ quarterly net income is up nearly 90%. VIPS is worth holding through the holiday period and the second wave of the pandemic.

Harley-Davidson (HOG)

If you were able to time travel a century or two into the future, you would likely find the majority of traffic consists of electric vehicles and motorcycles. HOG’s motorcycles are fuel-efficient, powerful, and, most importantly, a ton of fun to ride. HOG also operates a financial services business to boot. The company’s sales extend to Europe, Canada, the Middle East, Latin America, and Africa.

Take a look at HOG’s POWR Ratings, and you will find the company shines bright in the Trade Grade component with an “A” grade. HOG also has “B” grades in the Industry Rank and Peer Grade components. HOG is ranked in the top 10 of nearly 30 stocks in the Auto & Vehicle Manufacturers industry. Analysts have set an average price target of $37.50 for HOG, indicating a possible 12% upside.

Though HOG motorcycle sales are down, the company is cutting costs and rolling out an electric bicycle line dubbed the Serial 1 Cycle Company. HOG’s electric bikes should hit stores in the first half of 2021. This is a sign HOG is evolving as market and consumer preferences change, ultimately setting the stage for the company to branch out into new segments as time progresses.

HOG stock has steadily moved back toward its pre-COVID pricing of $35 to $40. It appears as though HOG is a solid long-term investment worthy of a place in your portfolio in the years ahead.

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PINS shares . Year-to-date, PINS has gained 213.20%, versus a 4.06% rise in the benchmark S&P 500 index during the same period.

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