2nd Half of 2021 Stock Market Outlook

I just wanted to share with you my brand new presentation:

2nd Half of 2021 Stock Market Outlook

The title is pretty self-explanatory. So as we are approach the mid-point of the year it is the right time to contemplate what lies ahead for the second half.

First, I start by exploring the bullish arguments. Gladly there are many when you consider the improving economic picture which begets higher corporate earnings. This has always been the main elixir for share price gains.

Interestingly there are two other catalyst at play that should have the market moving higher this year. Unfortunately one of them has a fairly negative slant that leads to greater volatility (maybe you already noticed that at play).

Next we need to flip the script and contemplate the bearish arguments. Gladly there is not much in this category. However, the flickering flames of inflation are a concern we need to keep a close eye on as it has been the precursor to many bear markets of the past.

After balancing out the bullish and bearish arguments I then go on to give a year end target for the S&P 500. Yes, it is higher than now, but not significantly higher. That’s because the easy money has already been made leading to slower gains ahead.

As we come down the home stretch of the webinar I discuss strategies to outperform the market. And my top 12 stocks and 2 ETFs that have the right stuff to excel the rest of the year.

To get full details on the market outlook, trading plan and top picks, then click the link below to watch the presentation now:

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2nd Half of 2021 Stock Market Outlook

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