13 Murder Mystery Dinner Games That Are Free

It’s time to spice up your dinner parties by hosting a murder mystery game night. These free murder mystery games supply you with everything you need to throw the perfect murder mystery dinner or party, without having to spend excessive amounts of money. Let’s be honest, if you went out and bought a kit, would you use it more than once? Exactly.

These murder mystery dinner games are for a range of 6-28 guests. As a host/hostess, there are plenty of ways for you to have a role as well. Each game has character descriptions and some even have scripts, but your guests will be able to express their creativity and really get involved in the game. You can even host your murder mystery dinner game night as a themed party and encourage guests to dress up to fit their part. These free downloadable murder mystery games include invitations, name tags, and even more to make sure your group has a great time.

Get ready! Your game nights with friends and family just took a dramatically fun twist as you try to figure out whodunnit!

Mafia Party Game

Mafia Party Game may sound familiar and that’s because there are many variations of this game that can be played. For this option, your group will have to designate a moderator to lead them through the entire game. The game has two phases; night, when the Mafia might secretly “murder” an innocent, and day, when Innocents vote to eliminate a Mafiosi suspect. You’ll need a deck of cards and at least 7 players.

The Business Of Murder

The Business of Murder is a perfect blend of theater games and Clue. This game is designed for 7 players and a host. It can take anywhere between 2-4 hours. As the host, you will know who the murder victim is and how to incorporate it all into the game. You’ll be in charge of secretively casting your guests into roles of characters.

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Murder Mystery Casino Night

Murder Mystery Casino Night gives more creative reign to the guests. You will have a list of mandatory key situations for characters but, other than that, the backstory of each character is entirely up to your guests. This can spark the creative juices and get everyone involved. As a host/hostess, you can play a part in this murder mystery game as well while still leading your group.

Jazz Age Jeopardy

Set in the 1920s at a jazz club in New York City, Jazz Age Jeopardy takes its players back in time to solve a murder mystery. This game is split between two acts and covers key historical points. Also, the club is called The Cat’s Meow and that’s definitely enough incentive to play this murder mystery with your friends. It has an expansion pack you can purchase if you so choose.

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Hunt A Killer

Hunt A Killer murder mystery game is an at-home twist on the extremely popular Escape Room trend. While it’s the only one on the list that isn’t free, our very own writer played it with her husband and said it was one of the most fun date nights they’ve had! Each subscription box is full of mind-teasing clues and games to solve, and is part of a series that leads up to ultimately figuring out the killer. It’s time to scrap the Saturday night Netflix binge and put your detective skills to the ultimate test.

The Little Engine That Could Kill

Perfect for a dinner party of 8 is The Little Engine That Could Kill. This one is extremely detailed on the character side, you may want to give these out in advance so your guests have time to read everything over and prepare for the dinner party. It follows the storyline of passengers boarding a train for a three-day journey that one unlucky guest doesn’t survive. Dun, dun, dun.

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The One With The Tweens

If you have kids old enough to participate in a murder mystery game, this one is family-friendly–aside from the murder part, which isn’t friendly, like ever. Anyways, this one can even be used for tween parties. You can go the extra mile and set up decorations like this family did for their tween’s dinner party. With shows like Riverdale and Stranger Things trending, it’s no wonder tweens are wanting to solve some murders.

The Pungent Pumpkin Poisoner

The Pungent Pumpkin Poisoner is perfect for a Halloween dinner party and or a dinner party of six. A pumpkin processing company is celebrating its anniversary when things go wrong. Someone doesn’t survive and it’s up to you and your guests to figure out what really happened during the anniversary celebration.

The Butler Kicks The Bucket

This one requires some theatrical display, but can serve as surprise murder mystery game for your dinner party. Simply invite guests over and have a friend or family member dress as a butler who takes a drink out of a glass, chokes and “dies” in front of everyone. Maybe mention that he’s not really dead before you start the game.

murder mystery game rules

Buckle in and pour a glass of wine, because Sour Grapes of Wrath is a long one but it makes for a fun night. It follows a scenario of a mourning widow trying to sell her husband’s farm but someone who walks in turns out to be a cold blooded killer. This one has a ton of positive reviews and it’s free. It’ll take some time to read through, but it’ll be worth it to find out which of your friends has a dark side.

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The Murder At The Ugly Sweater Party

Holidays can cause for a lot of family drama…but murder? That’s cold. This game is set at a family holiday function where things just get out of hand. Find out which one of your family members murdered someone. Honestly, this could be a great way to ease tensions in real life – but don’t actually kill a family member. That’s illegal. Don’t do it.

Poisoning In Buzby’s Nightclub

A place called “Buzby’s Nightclub” sounds like it already has a lot going on, but now there’s a MURDER to solve in this fun game. It’s now up to you and your guests to solve the tragic death of a nightclub owner who has been poisoned. It’s probably save to assume the owner’s name was Buzby. Poor soul.

Way Out West

Y’all ready for a real wild, wild western themed dinner? Yeehaw! Way Out West takes you and 10 guests back to the 1880s to solve a murder that occurred out in a small town, as citizens were celebrating its anniversary. Bummer, right? Encourage your guests to dress up in theme – it adds to the effect. Y’all better find out who dun it, partner. Yeehaw!

Murder, She Wrote Netflix Murder Mystery Game

Murder, She Wrote – Netflix

A modern twist on the classic dinner party. If you’re wanting to have people over for a murder mystery, but also want to combine it with a binge/movie night, this is your answer. This follows an episode of Murder, She Wrote with a twist as you use the episode to find clues about who was murdered at your dinner party. What a beautiful combination.

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