10 Most Famous Scorpios, Not Including Drake

Scorpios are known for being mysterious, persistent, and incredibly intense. That intensity often results in Scorpios being thought of as fire signs, but in reality they’re a water sign, and those waters run deep and are full of secrets. No wonder some of the most private celebrities, like Joaquin Phoenix and Emma Stone, are members of this Zodiac sign.


Jeff Probst: Born November 4, 1961

There’s nothing a Scorpio loves more than a secret, and as the host of Survivor, Jeff Probst has had to keep mum about a lot of things related to the wildly popular reality competition show. Whether it’s contestants or the viewers, Probst obviously delights in surprising all involved with the various twists and turns the show takes. The level of success the show has enjoyed over the years since it first aired in 2000 likely has something to do with Probst’s ambitious Scorpio nature. Why do it if you’re not going to be the best at it is definitely a mantra a Scorpio has thought of at least once.

Kendall Jenner wearing a black and white dress at the Cannes Film Festival

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Kendall Jenner: Born November 3, 1995

She might be the star of one of the most watched reality shows of all time, but Kendall Jenner has still managed to maintain an air of mystery. Kendall’s known for dating around, which is a bit unusual for a Scorpio, who tend to prefer settling down with one person, but when she starts a relationship with someone, things get intense quickly, which is definitely a common trait for passionate Scorpios. Also, it’s no wonder that Kendall climbed the ranks of supermodels so quickly, since the ambitious scorpion in her doesn’t really have an “off-switch” when it comes to work.

Emma Stone wearing a black dress at the Cannes Film Festival

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Emma Stone: Born November 6, 1988

Notorious for keeping her private life private, it should come as no surprise that Emma Stone is a Scorpio. Back when she was dating her The Amazing Spider-Man co-star Andrew Garfield, Stone was deliberately tight-lipped about the relationship. She’s equally protective of her current relationship with SNL writer Dave McCary, which is yet another classic Scorpio trait. Though some might find Scorpios the slightest bit controlling, this zodiac sign is deeply protective of their loved ones.

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Joaquin Phoenix wearing a black jacket at the Berlinale Film Festival

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Joaquin Phoenix: Born October 28, 1974

Is anyone surprised to find that Joaquin Phoenix is a Scorpio? Private to his core, a bit mysterious, intensely passionate about his chosen causes, and at the top of his field, it would be difficult to find someone who fits the scorpion-represented zodiac better than Phoenix. One thing that a Scorpio will never shy away from is a project that others run from, which might be why Phoenix has taken on movie roles that stray far from the norm, such as his 2019 hit Joker. Scorpios are naturally drawn to the darker, more macabre side of life, which could be one of the reasons why Phoenix was able to encapsulate the notoriously dark character as well as he did.

Demi Moore wearing a black, patterned dress to a film gala

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Demi Moore: Born November 11, 1962

Of course the star of Ghost, Demi Moore, is a Scorpio. With her dark hair and features, she definitely seems to exude the dark and mysterious nature most Scorpios are famous for. Like the rest of her zodiac counterparts, when Moore falls in love, she falls in deep, like she did with her now ex-husband Ashton Kutcher. Though most Scorpios love to keep their secrets as close to their chest as possible, Moore broke the mold somewhat when she published her memoir, Inside Out, in which she revealed many close held secrets. The tabloids, of course, promptly pounced and used the information in the book in an obvious ploy to stir up drama.

Michael Strahan wearing a black shirt to the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Sports Awards


Michael Strahan: Born November 21, 1971

Perhaps the most surprising addition to this list is former NFL star and current host for Strahan, Sara and Keke. Strahan was born on the last day of Scorpio season, just one day before Sagittarius season is due to begin, which might be why his open and friendly nature might be mistaken for the latter sign. Regardless, Strahan is still firmly a Scorpio, which explains why he’s so ambitious and successful at his various careers. Once a Scorpio finds a job they love doing, they devote themselves to it with every fiber of their being. That definitely describes Strahan to a tee.

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Julia Roberts wearing a black dress to the Cannes Film Festival

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Julia Roberts: Born October 28, 1967

Erin Brockovich star Julia Roberts is one of the most well-known women in Hollywood, but how well does anyone really know her? Scorpios need privacy the same way people need oxygen: It’s essential to them. Though Roberts has enjoyed a long, storied career in Hollywood, she’s not the type to open herself up too much for the masses. For instance, her bio on Instagram simply reads, “human.” That’s the sort of bare bones descriptor that’s typical of Scorpios.

Kris Jenner wearing all black to a film gala in Los Angeles


Kris Jenner: Born November 5, 1955

Naturally, the epically ambitious momager of the Kardashian family is a Scorpio. Kris Jenner is fiercely loyal and protective of her kids, and some might even call her a bit controlling. That sort of thing comes with the territory when it comes to Scorpios. Persistence is a key Scorpio trait, and there’s no one more persistent than Kris, especially when it comes to getting her loved ones everything she believes they deserve and more. Like her daughter Kendall, Kris manages to keep an air of mystery around her despite her reality show roots, and she’s always “on” when it comes to her professional life.

Ellen Pompeo wearing a black velvet suit to a Grey's Anatomy event

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Ellen Pompeo: Born November 10, 1969

There’s nothing a Scorpio loves better than success, which is why Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo exemplifies her star sign. As the main character of the long-running medical drama, Pompeo has become one of the highest-earning actresses in Hollywood, with Forbes ranking her as the 8th highest paid actress this year. As with other Scorpios on this list, Pompeo is deeply devoted to the causes closest to her heart and often uses her social media to speak on those causes. It goes without saying that Pompeo is crazy about work and is always looking for new opportunities to succeed, like when she started her own production company called Calamity Jane.

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Leonardo DiCaprio wearing a dark suit to a movie premiere


Leonardo DiCaprio: Born November 11, 1974

Playboy Leonardo DiCaprio is a very obvious Scorpio. In addition to his private nature and ambitious drive that has led him to have one of the most successful film careers in Hollywood, he’s also carried on a series of very intense love affairs. By their very nature, Scorpios are very passionate and deeply enjoy the pleasurable side of life, which might be why DiCaprio very rarely finds himself single. Like most Scorpios, who are renowned for their loyalty, DiCaprio prefers one partner at a time, but once one relationship is over, they’re usually on the hunt for the next one.

Though Scorpios often get a bad reputation for their secretive, controlling ways, if a Scorpio is in your corner, there’s nothing they wouldn’t do to support and protect you. Intensely loyal and determined, passionate and mysterious, there’s something about Scorpios that just draw people in, which might explain why so many beloved celebrities call the sign their own.

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