Games for older players: Rebound Game Place five or more players around the net and crease area and one player at the top. The player at the top is the shooter. The shooter tries to score while the others try to score on the rebound. The game is played to 10. If the goalie covers the puck or the puck goes wide and past the goal line, the goalie gets a point. Each time the goalie earns a point, the players rotate around the crease area. Relay Race Designate two teams. On the whistle,... Read More


Small-area games are game-like competitive drills that utilize a playing surface that has been reduced in size. The number of participants is lowered in small-area games and teams in small-area games may or may not have the same number of players. Special rules and conditions are applied to small-area games that are designed to enhance the development of particular skills or mimic different situations that are seen in regular games.  Small-area games focus on multiple skills... Read More


There is less than a month remaining to the start of the 9th Men´s World Championships in Switzerland and the teams seems to be ready for the title fight. Before the championship starts the national teams tested their strength in Euro Floorball Tour tournament. We were lucky to see almost all the matches (except game Sweden – Finland) on IFF Youtube channel. In case you missed them, you can see all the recorded broadcast here (from game Sweden – Finland only some... Read More


Pre-game Warm Up consist of two main phases. First is general Warm Up with light cardio exercises, dynamic stretching and specific body preparation exercises and second phase is sport related practicing – in our case floorball drills. These drills can be various and there is plenty of them to choose. In this article we will show you some of them and discuss some basic rules when doing them. Before executing specific floorball drills the Warm Up starts with the first phase... Read More


You may have noticed that on some floorball sticks the number indicating the stick length has changed and is now bigger. The reason is that, starting from 2013, stick lengths will be measured based on a new standard mandated by the IFF. International Floorball Federation thinks that the new standard will be more uniforming and more comprehensible for customers. In Material Regulations paper IFF stated: “The communication to the customer regarding stick length has to be... Read More


Even well-trained floorball players can suffer from muscle soreness after a hard workout, especially in this period of demanding fitness training. The article is devoted to this familiar experience of soreness which often is a part of the recovery process. There are several degrees of soreness that we need to be aware of: Typical Mild Muscle Soreness This type of soreness is usually experienced the day after a good workout and does not last long. While scientists are still unable... Read More


These days it is no surprise that everyone and especially athletes should have a well developed drinking regime. Hence this article is not about coaches keeping eye on the drinking habits of their players. Everybody does that already. We are going to look at how athletes should keep on track with proper hydration and what of the new trend hydration products can be utilised. A special drinking regime is only needed in case of long-lasting or intensive physical performance. If... Read More


Nowadays the sports drinks, as presented in this article, can be divided into three categories: hypotonic, isotonic, and hypertonic. Let’s look closer at each of the drink type. Hypotonic drinks – are drinks which have lower osmolality* than the inner environment of human body. Osmolality is defined by the presence of osmotically active particles, like ions, glucose, and other derivates of sugar. Hypotonic drinks have low contents of these particles thanks to which they are... Read More


Shooting is one of the most important skill of a floorball player. We score only when we shoot and that is why everybody loves it. This article is devoted to shooting, not to the proper technique of shooting – how to shoot, but to targeting – where to shoot and from where to shoot. If you look into some shooting statistics from floorball matches, you can deduce some regularities. The shooting style (Sweeper, Slapshot etc.) is dependent on the game situation and is... Read More


Here you can see some nice videos from Finland showing drills for improving ball control:             Vítězslav Carda Image and videos: Finnish floorball union   Read More