Games for older players: Rebound Game Place five or more players around the net and crease area and one player at the top. The player at the top is the shooter. The shooter tries to score while the others try to score on the rebound. The game is played to 10. If the goalie covers the puck or the puck goes wide and past the goal line, the goalie gets a point. Each time the goalie earns a point, the players rotate around the crease area. Relay Race Designate two teams. On the whistle,... Read More


Small-area games are game-like competitive drills that utilize a playing surface that has been reduced in size. The number of participants is lowered in small-area games and teams in small-area games may or may not have the same number of players. Special rules and conditions are applied to small-area games that are designed to enhance the development of particular skills or mimic different situations that are seen in regular games.  Small-area games focus on multiple skills... Read More


Set of exercises for developing of ball skills and ball sensing is called a Floorball Alphabet. One of the exercises is e.g. lifting of the ball from the ground (by a stick). Technique of this skill is based on tapping the ball against own body followed by eventual stepping back. Ball is then lifted and stays on a blade by gentle and smooth movement in a wrist which moves the stick against the rolling ball. When the ball is on the blade it is possible to joggle with it in the... Read More


Important aspect of the floorball stick is it’s length. The manufacturers of floorball sticks worked out a chart of the appropriate sticks length according to the height of the player. Example of such chart is this (length of the stick means the length of the shaft without a blade): Height of the player Length of the stick (new 2013 length) 100 – 120 cm 60 cm (70/71 cm) 110 – 130 cm 65 cm (75/76 cm) 120 – 140 cm 70 cm (80/81 cm) 130 – 150 cm 75... Read More