Shooting has its methodical regularities, difficulties and learning how to shoot really well is not easy. Besides forehand and backhand shots there are also sweeper shots and slap shots. First shooting style we practice is the forehand sweeper shot, because it is very similar to the forehand pass, only the dynamics of movement and the start/end trajectory are different. A player stands in the basic position sideways towards the direction of the shot, the blade is covering the... Read More


Set of exercises for developing of ball skills and ball sensing is called a Floorball Alphabet. One of the exercises is e.g. lifting of the ball from the ground (by a stick). Technique of this skill is based on tapping the ball against own body followed by eventual stepping back. Ball is then lifted and stays on a blade by gentle and smooth movement in a wrist which moves the stick against the rolling ball. When the ball is on the blade it is possible to joggle with it in the... Read More


Continuing with the basic series of articles we will take a look into Floorball Methodology. First the classification: 1. Individual Playing Skills (IPS) 1.1 Field Player Skills Attacking Defending Ball dribbling Covering of a player with a ball Ball carrying Covering of a player without a ball Passing of an opponent/s with a ball Covering of a player in a zone and defending of a zone Ball receiving and passing Shot blocking Releasing of a player without a ball Body... Read More