Shooting has its methodical regularities, difficulties and learning how to shoot really well is not easy. Besides forehand and backhand shots there are also sweeper shots and slap shots. First shooting style we practice is the forehand sweeper shot, because it is very similar to the forehand pass, only the dynamics of movement and the start/end trajectory are different. A player stands in the basic position sideways towards the direction of the shot, the blade is covering the... Read More


Shooting is one of the most important skill of a floorball player. We score only when we shoot and that is why everybody loves it. This article is devoted to shooting, not to the proper technique of shooting – how to shoot, but to targeting – where to shoot and from where to shoot. If you look into some shooting statistics from floorball matches, you can deduce some regularities. The shooting style (Sweeper, Slapshot etc.) is dependent on the game situation and is... Read More