In the last article we were discussing the way how to do the pre-game Warm Up, especially the part with specific floorball drills. Now we bring you two videos where you can see the pre-game Warm Up executed by Swiss national team and Czech top team 1.SC WOOW V√≠tkovice. Switzerland men’s national floorball team The Warm Up was 30 minute long. It started by jogging and dynamic stretching (the very beginning is not caught in the video), continued by short sprints and simple... Read More


Pre-game Warm Up consist of two main phases. First is general Warm Up with light cardio exercises, dynamic stretching and specific body preparation exercises and second phase is sport related practicing – in our case floorball drills. These drills can be various and there is plenty of them to choose. In this article we will show you some of them and discuss some basic rules when doing them. Before executing specific floorball drills the Warm Up starts with the first phase... Read More