Shooting is one of the most important skill of a floorball player. We score only when we shoot and that is why everybody loves it. This article is devoted to shooting, not to the proper technique of shooting – how to shoot, but to targeting – where to shoot and from where to shoot. If you look into some shooting statistics from floorball matches, you can deduce some regularities. The shooting style (Sweeper, Slapshot etc.) is dependent on the game situation and is... Read More


Oscar Lundin, coach and Development Manager from Swedish Warberg IC (which is playing the Svenska Superligan – highest floorball league in Sweden) made an inspirational video of goalie training. Here is his short description to the video: “I want to inspire goalies and their coaches with both basic movement drills like for example “7” (45 seconds into the video) and with more tough drills simulating situations the goalie often needs to deal with during... Read More