You may have noticed that on some floorball sticks the number indicating the stick length has changed and is now bigger. The reason is that, starting from 2013, stick lengths will be measured based on a new standard mandated by the IFF. International Floorball Federation thinks that the new standard will be more uniforming and more comprehensible for customers. In Material Regulations paper IFF stated: “The communication to the customer regarding stick length has to be... Read More


Important aspect of the floorball stick is it’s length. The manufacturers of floorball sticks worked out a chart of the appropriate sticks length according to the height of the player. Example of such chart is this (length of the stick means the length of the shaft without a blade): Height of the player Length of the stick (new 2013 length) 100 – 120 cm 60 cm (70/71 cm) 110 – 130 cm 65 cm (75/76 cm) 120 – 140 cm 70 cm (80/81 cm) 130 – 150 cm 75... Read More