Continuing with the basic series of articles we will take a look into Floorball Methodology. First the classification: 1. Individual Playing Skills (IPS) 1.1 Field Player Skills Attacking Defending Ball dribbling Covering of a player with a ball Ball carrying Covering of a player without a ball Passing of an opponent/s with a ball Covering of a player in a zone and defending of a zone Ball receiving and passing Shot blocking Releasing of a player without a ball Body... Read More


Floorball is “in” nowadays. It is an easy but very attractive collective sport popular through generations. Despite of its short time of existence it’s at the same time a fully valued and fancied sport branch. The constantly evolving indoor sport contributes to the development and improvement of movement abilities. It has a positive influence on personal qualities, developing moral behavior, among others persistence, creativity, resistance, the sense of fair... Read More


Speed! Fun! Excitement! Smart game! Team work! Friendship! That are just some words describing this modern sport, floorball. Hundred thousands of people have quickly fallen for its magic. Especially ice-hockey nations have found a game where no expensive equipment, ice or skates are needed. Very likely for its modesty and attractiveness at the same time floorball has  quickly spread all over the world and in some countries it has already found its home. Floorball is the most... Read More