These days it is no surprise that everyone and especially athletes should have a well developed drinking regime. Hence this article is not about coaches keeping eye on the drinking habits of their players. Everybody does that already. We are going to look at how athletes should keep on track with proper hydration and what of the new trend hydration products can be utilised. A special drinking regime is only needed in case of long-lasting or intensive physical performance. If... Read More


Nowadays the sports drinks, as presented in this article, can be divided into three categories: hypotonic, isotonic, and hypertonic. Let’s look closer at each of the drink type. Hypotonic drinks – are drinks which have lower osmolality* than the inner environment of human body. Osmolality is defined by the presence of osmotically active particles, like ions, glucose, and other derivates of sugar. Hypotonic drinks have low contents of these particles thanks to which they are... Read More