Individual defending skills are not taken seriously enough or even overlooked during training sessions because coaches tend to focus too much on attacking skills (players too like for example shooting much more than shot blocking). But the same way the players are taught to dribble, pass and shoot, they should be also taught to defend. In every goal scoring game, floorball included, defending and attacking are two sides of the same coin – both are very important. Unfortunately... Read More


Continuing with the basic series of articles we will take a look into Floorball Methodology. First the classification: 1. Individual Playing Skills (IPS) 1.1 Field Player Skills Attacking Defending Ball dribbling Covering of a player with a ball Ball carrying Covering of a player without a ball Passing of an opponent/s with a ball Covering of a player in a zone and defending of a zone Ball receiving and passing Shot blocking Releasing of a player without a ball Body... Read More