Another typical floorball situation is a 2 minutes bench penalty in relation to a penalty shot. If a goal situation is interrupted or prevented from occurring because the defending team has committed an offence leading to a free-hit or a hit-in situation or a penalty, the referees order a penalty shot. Situations leading to penalty shots are for example when a defending player stands in the goalkeeper area during a shot on goal, or because of a foul committed against an attacking player who was running alone against the goalkeeper etc. If the team doesn’t score a goal from the penalty shot, the offender is penalized for 2 minutes and the team is awarded by power play.

All penalties may be delayed, if the non-offending team still controls the ball after an offence leading to a penalty. During the delayed penalty the nonoffending team is given the opportunity to replace the goalkeeper with a field player and continue the attack. The game is interrupted when the other team gains control of the ball (just light touch of the ball is not  enough). If the non-offending team scores a goal during the delayed penalty, the penalty doesn’t take place. Also a penalty shot can be delayed.

If a more serious offence is committed, it leads to a 5 minute bench penalty. If the non-offending team scores a goal during a 5 minute bench penalty, the penalty is not terminated. Offences leading to a 5 minute bench penalty are:

  • When a field player performes violent or dangerous strikes with his stick. That also applies if a field player raises his stick over an opponent’s head and the opponent is hit.
  • When a field player uses his stick to hook an opponent’s body.
  • When a player throws his stick or other equipment on the rink to hit or try to hit the ball.
  • When a player throws himself towards an opponent or otherwise attacks an opponent violently.
  • When a player tackles, throws or trips an opponent against the board or the goal cage.
  • When a player commits repeated offences, each leading to a 2 minute bench penalty.

There is also 10 minute personal penalty in floorball (which applies only for players, not for the team). It is usually ordered for unsportsmanlike behavior and is always combined with a 2 minutes bench penalty, so the team is also weakened.

The highest penalty is a match penalty ordered by a red card (RC). A match penalty leads to a suspension for the rest of the match and can be applied to a player or even a team staff member, which has to leave the rink immediately and is not allowed to further participate in the game. The offending team also carries out a 5 minute bench penalty.

There are three types of match penalties according to the seriousness of the offence. RC 1 means a match penalty which doesn’t lead to any further punishment for the player. Offences leading to a RC 1 are usually if a field player uses a non approved stick or a stick consisting of a blade and shaft of two different brands or when a goalkeeper uses an incorrect face mask. When a player or a member of the team staff is not noted in the record and participates in the match, when a player is guilty of continued or repeated unsportsmanlike behavior etc.

RC 2 means that the player can’t continue in the current match and also isn’t allowed to participate in the next one. Offences leading to a match penalty 2 are when a player continues to use a defective stick or uses a strengthened or lengthened shaft, when a player commits an offence leading to a 5 minute bench penalty for the second time in the same match, when a player or a member of the staff participates in a scuffle, if a player or a member of the team staff commits an offence clearly intending to sabotage play. Sabotage means an intentional entering of the rink by a player, who’s penalty is still being carried out, if a player or a team staff member participates in the play from the substitution zone, if equipment is thrown to the rink from the substitution zone etc.

Match penalty 3 also leads to suspension from the following match in the same competition and further punishment decided by the administrating authority. Under the offences leading to a RC 3 counts when a player or member of the staff is involved in a fight or are guilty of a brutal offence or a rude misconduct (for example throwing a stick against the opponent).

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