First of many articles explaining Floorball Methodology will describe stick holding and basic posture:

Stick holding

Stick holding and a basic posture form a base for every single individual playing skill. Stick holding is determined whether player uses left or right hand side stick. Upper hand (right hand in case of left side stick) holds stick at its very top end in a very natural way (hammer grip).

Top end of the stick is held from side around the shaft when the palm covers the whole shaft. Stick is never held from the top. Stick handling (especially one hand stick handling) will be easier if the top hand don’t hold the stick really tight and there is a bit of space in a palm.

There are not so strict rules about stick holding when it comes to the bottom hand. At the beginning it is sufficient to hold the stick around the end of the shaft grip. Exact position of the bottom hand as well as the distance between both hands, tightness of the hand grip are matters of personal preference and stick skills the player is trying to perform. Generally firmer hand grip with wider position of the hands is connected with a slap shot. Closer hand position is then related to the dribbling and spinning because it better utilizes wrist movement of bottom hand. It is strongly recommended to hold a stick with both hands and have a blade on the ground during most playing situations.

Basic posture

Typical floorball posture should allow a movement to all directions.

Basic posture

During a defending posture without a ball the floorballer reminds a „musketeer“. The player is turn sideways towards an opponent with a stick in his/her upper hand. It is very important to lower a balance point during this position as it allows a quicker reaction and provides better stability during a body contact.

Feet during an attacking position are shoulder wide, bent in knees with a body weight in toes. For demonstration purposes we always exaggerate knee bending. It should send a message to the players not to deliver skills with straight knees. It is also important to emphasize a proper position of a back. Unfortunately players very often drop their head and upper body towards the ball. Spine hunching is a big mistake, not only from health perspective but also in terms of stick handling technique.

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