Set of exercises for developing of ball skills and ball sensing is called a Floorball Alphabet.

One of the exercises is e.g. lifting of the ball from the ground (by a stick). Technique of this skill is based on tapping the ball against own body followed by eventual stepping back. Ball is then lifted and stays on a blade by gentle and smooth movement in a wrist which moves the stick against the rolling ball. When the ball is on the blade it is possible to joggle with it in the air, bounce it against the wall or the floor. Bouncing can be done by both, forehand and backhand side of the blade. It is also important to follow the rule for a high sticking during these exercises. It is also possible to joggle the ball on the upper edge of the floorball blade or bottom part of the stick shaft. Other easy exercises which are part of floorball alphabet are „eights“ around and between feet and spinning the ball or with the ball around a cone or own leg. Dribbling should be learned and practiced not only in front of the player‘s body but also at the both of his/her sides and behind. Another very effective floorball alphabet skill is shooting of a ball high in the air and catching it on a blade without dropping it on the ground.

Video – example of floorball ABC
All drills can be also practiced using one hand only (especially the less dominant one) or with the reversed stick holding. Reversed stick hold can be also utilized as a posture corrective exercise. However proper posture corrective exercises should always be the first choice and they should be implemented in between all ball control exercises.

Pic. – One hand holding

Kids especially like to learn a new skills. Hence junior level coach has to be creative and should continuously challenge kids. One of such a challenging exercises could be that player is balancing a ball on his/her stick. He/she bounces the ball to the air, spin the blade around it while in the air and catches back on the blade before the ball reaches the floor. Another harder example is that a player goes down on one knee and circles the ball around his/her body including handing over a stick from one hand to the other behind own back. Advantage of these exercises is that kids can practice them at home at their own time as a form of floorball homework.

Nice exercises for developing ball skills can be found here.

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