Static dribbling is followed by control of the ball in motion. Carrying of the ball can be done by: backhand or forehand side of the blade; and pushing the ball with one or both hands on the stick. After learning of the basic principles, the best practice of these skills is in form of simple races, relays and small games.

Dribbling type of dekes shall be practised in all directions and both types of dribbling should be utilised. Also practising without an eye control of the ball, in tight space and with less time should be included into a training sessions. Apart of a dribbling dekes, releasing of a player by pushing or by dragging of a ball is also used in floorball.

Difference between carrying of the ball is obvious from the titles. Ball is either dragged behind the player’s body mainly on his/her forehand side or pushed in front of the body mainly on a backhand side. Pushing is mainly used during quick turnovers and the stick is held by one hand only. During dragging of the ball the is carried behind players body for its protection. Stick is held by both hands. Position of the stick resp. leaning of the blade is very important for this technique. Blade has to „close“ the ball for a better control.

As mentioned previously spins and dekes are frequently used in floorball for a passing of the player with a ball. During a spin to the forehand it is necessary to properly close the ball with a blade. Backhand side spin can utilise two different techniques: dragging the ball by forehand or backhand side of the blade. Because a using of a backhand side is much slower, most players use to spin to backhand side by carrying a ball on a tip of the forehand side of the blade. This movement is commenced identically to a floorball type of dribbling and spinning can be stopped anytime by quick movement of a bottom hand on the stick and stopping of the ball the same way it’s stopped during a floorball dribbling. It is necessary to continuously practise all forms of releasing of a player with a ball in all possible directions. After learning the basic of each technique, it is recommended to keep practising these skills via all forms of small games, races, floorball alphabet, slaloms, obstacle tracks etc.


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