Guidelines for Floorball Coaches & Development Officers is a new handbook written by Petr Pra┼żan, the former Head Coach of Men’s National Team Australia, now NSW Development Coach at NSW Floorball Association. The aim of this short ebook is to to provide fundamental guidelines for club and regional Coaches as well as Development Officers responsible for the establishment and overall delivery of training plans and training sessions.

The guidelines provide an overview of the principles of sporting fields such as: Motor Development, Psychological Development, Theory of Sport Training and Sport Physiology related to training and qualitative continuous development of Floorball players.

The main aim is to familiarize coaches with training planning – Why to do a training plan; How to structure the plan; What is a long term and short term plan and how to create such plans (examples of such plans are included).

This handbook could prove useful especially for novice coaches on their way to improve their training preparation – from merely creating a database of exercises to designing more sophisticated plans and proper and complex sessions for teams.

You can find Guidelines for Floorball Coaches as pdf document in materials, or download it here.


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