Oscar Lundin, coach and Development Manager from Swedish Warberg IC (which is playing the Svenska Superligan – highest floorball league in Sweden) made an inspirational video of goalie training.

Here is his short description to the video:

“I want to inspire goalies and their coaches with both basic movement drills like for example “7” (45 seconds into the video) and with more tough drills simulating situations the goalie often needs to deal with during a game. After 1:30 you can see a drill were I’ve put a bench in front of the goalie. It’s very common that the goalies don’t have free sight – practice these situations with them! A very important thing when you practice as a goalie is that you need to finish every ball. Take the rebounds because in a game situation that is what you need to do!

Subtitles after 1:00 says: Rebound Control. Shots are aimed at the stomach so the goalie needs to work with the ball after the save. After 5:10 me and the goalie control how much of net the goalie covers depending on how far out from the goal line he is. This is a very useful way to get the goalkeeper to understand how low he/she can be and were he/she should put his hands, arms and legs. The stance is very important (lean forward). We want the goalie to be athletic and aggressive.”

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