Floorball is “in” nowadaysCHANEL パリビアリッツ トートバッグ コーティングキャンバス レディース 【中古】【シャネル】. It is an easy but very attractive collective sport popular through generationsSIEVE シーヴ シーブ ソファ パートソファ 二人掛けソファ 二人用 part sofa 2seater ファブリック カバーリング ナチュラル シンプル 北欧 木製 木 ウッド かわいい . Despite of its short time of existence it’s at the same time a fully valued and fancied sport branchGOD80B KTC京都機械工具 オイルドレーナー「見えるくん」 タンク80L 上抜き下抜き対応. The constantly evolving indoor sport contributes to the development and improvement of movement abilitiesガードナー ナノクロス クロス 小型用 ノンパックCL3103 1箱. It has a positive influence on personal qualitiesモトユキ チップソー (薄物 アルミ・非鉄金属用) GB-455-120, developing moral behavior17-18 UNIT SECCA ユニット セッカ スノーボード RISE ライズ レディース, among others persistence『 かご 60点セット 』カゴ 籠 バスケット 店舗什器 小物入れ 小物収納ケース おしゃれ かわいい 可愛い アジアン シンプル ナチュラル 編み ウッドチップ 丸型 ラウンド 収納box 軽い 軽, creativityマイセット M7-95FNZ, resistanceBC-ZA20S DT-ZA281W, the sense of fair playマッカラン 12年 旧ボトル 43度 750ml 中古 シングルハイランドモルト ギフト. Since floorball is slightly less physically demanding than ice hockey, it helps to improve general physical fitness. However, the value of team sports can also be found in the social sphere of living.

Floorball is classified as a collective ball and goal sport, in which the amount of scored goals in the game time determines the winning team. On the playing area bordered with low (knee high) barriers compete two teams of five players each with floorball sticks. The goalkeepers stand against shots of a speed up to 200km/h. The abidance of rules is supervised by two referees with equal authority. The floorball season takes place from September until April.

For its dynamics and attractiveness floorball is determined to become one of the most popular sports worldwide. It’s easy to learn, the requirements on equipment are minimal and the rules are simple. Its benefits are appreciated bysportsmen practicing a few times a week as well as by recreational floorballists spending their free time actively with friends. Attractiveness for spectators  is guaranteed thanks to its variable game flow, high tempo with lots of smart combinations, a high amount of goals and frequent turnover in score.

The floorball community is based on friendship and consistent abidance of the principles of fair play. Floorball is mainly build on amateur ground, most floorball players do it for fun. The demands on the players in the highest leagues are very high though, not only as far as time is concerned, and the game will soon reach the professional level. We believe this will not affect the joy of the game in any way.

Due to the anticipatory character of the game, floorball lays importance on cognitive and sensomotor skills, the ability of thinking and acting at the same time. Each game episode takes place under time and space pressure, players are exposed to emotional stress. The game flow varies quickly, the defending phase changes into the offensive one in irregular periods. The players are “reading the game”, and according to their experience, tactical demands, intelligence and creativity they choose different solutions in each game situation. All of the game operations are carried out in high intensity against variably strong resistance of the rival, and the level of individual techniques corresponds to the level of their acquirement in match conditions.

At the highest level floorball requires players of great physical fitness. They are performing repeated short-term activities of  explosive, speed-strength character of high intensity in a discontinuous cycle (rotation of formations). The fundamental requirement  is the demand of complex quickness and coordination skills in all ways; also fastness in hands and legs, reaction time and starting speed within a few leaps, quickness with change of direction (agility), speed endurance an so on. At the same time floorball players need to dispose with a proper level of strength skills and be appropriately flexible.

Floorball on a non-competitive level can be played in a lot of different forms. Equivalents to floorball can be carried out on grass lanes or at the beach. During winter time floorball has also its tradition on snow, especially in Nordic countries. Playing on dirt or mud isn’t exceptional either. In the summer season open air tournaments take place in European countries on special surfaces or on suitable, flat hard floors. Outdoor floorball without goalkeepers played on small fields is often called speedfloorball or streetfloorball.

The term freestyle floorball  is refering to the ability of controlling the ball with the stick in the air. It’s almost a master artistry very appreciated by spectators. Its principle lies in taking the ball on the edge of the blade, and by using centrifugal force along with the allowed bend of the blade, to detach the ball from the floor and move it in the air, performing acts of various difficulties. Later on freebandy was invented, using the freestyle art for team games. These versions were usually used to provide entertainment during game intermissions of regular floorball where freestyle moves can be hardly found (maybe except for standard situations or goals achieved from behind the goal) because they require a different bend of the blade and ball control than the usual game activities.

Floorball is also popular among handicapped sportsmen. We separate standing floorball and floorball on wheelchairs. CIFEWH is the abbreviation of the international floorball federation on electric wheelchairs (electric wheelchair hockey). Specially adapted wheelchairs with a drive are used and players sitting on them control the mechanism of the chair movement with only one hand while the wrist and forearm of the other arm is tied to the floorball stick. The goals and barriers are lowered.

 Floorball of wheelchair bound sportsmen who are able to control their wheelchairs manually is different. Their wheelchairs are specially modified for sport purposes and they usually combine floorball with sledge hockey. The control of the wheelchair is very exhausting and to newcomers complicated. Players (even goalkeepers, if they have at least one upper limb) are additionally holding the stick and have to show a high level of dexterity. Wheelchair bound players have special additions to rules determining for example changing during the game, forbidding playing with the stick under the wheelchair or above the hight of the big wheels etc.

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