You may have noticed that on some floorball sticks the number indicating the stick length has changed and is now bigger. The reason is that, starting from 2013, stick lengths will be measured based on a new standard mandated by the IFF. International Floorball Federation thinks that the new standard will be more uniforming and more comprehensible for customers.

In Material Regulations paper IFF stated: “The communication to the customer regarding stick length has to be better and more uniformed. Today most brands communicate the shaft length as the stick length. IFF’s intention is that in the MR edition 2012 introduces the requirement that stick length (measured as described in MR) is the stick length to be communicated to the customer.” As you can read in the quotation the new length of the stick is the old one (indicating only shaft length) plus the dimension of the blade (which is somewhere around 10 or 11 cm):

old – new
60 cm – 70/71 cm
65 cm – 75/76 cm
70 cm – 80/81 cm
75 cm – 85/86 cm
80 cm – 90/91 cm
87 cm – 97/98 cm
92 cm – 102/103 cm
96 cm – 106/107 cm
100 cm – 110/111 cm
101 cm – 111/112 cm
103 cm – 113/114* cm

* 114 cm (according to new numbers) is the maximum length of a stick allowed by IFF.

Floorball stick manufacturers are using the new number alongside with the old one for now –  like for example Oxdog. It seem that they don’t want to confuse their customers with new numbers which may seem like the sticks are now much longer than before. The stick are the same, only the numbers changed and thus choosing a floorball stick is the same as before.

Vítězslav Carda

Image: IFF

  1. jeff morris says:

    The measurement I would like to see defined by the industry is the angle of the blade coming off the shaft of the stick. (Hold your stick in front of you, a lot of sticks are angled directly off the shaft) The sticks lie is something that is measured in hockey but the angle I’m talking about doesn’t seem to be

    That’s hard to convey in most photos and since I’m in the US i can’t just go to the store and look.

    Love your posts!

    austin floorball club

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