Games for older players: Rebound Game Place five or more players around the net and crease area and one player at the top. The player at the top is the shooter. The shooter tries to score while the others try to score on the rebound. The game is played to 10. If the goalie covers […]



Small-area games are game-like competitive drills that utilize a playing surface that has been reduced in size. The number of participants is lowered in small-area games and teams in small-area games may or may not have the same number of players. Special rules and conditions are applied to small-area games that are designed to enhance […]



Coach without a training journal is not really a proper coach! Attending of coaching seminars and participating in coaching courses does not automatically make anyone a coach. Simple appointing or registering as a coach does not make one either. Becoming of coach is a long process of gaining experience which turns an enthusiastic person into […]



Rens van Hulst and  Evita Dubbeling students of physiotherapy at the university of Amsterdam did some time ago floorball injury prevention research and created a study on this topic. In this article you can find the most interesting part of the study – injury prevention workout.  The study is focused on most common and recurrent […]



It might be hard to hear but training twice a week is very ineffective if one wants to improve one’s physical fitness and become a professional. It’s nice that people enjoy playing sports but two training sessions a week combined with no other sport activities are not enough to affect and improve one’s performance (because […]



Shooting is one of the most important skill of a floorball player. We score only when we shoot and that is why everybody loves it. This article is devoted to shooting, not to the proper technique of shooting – how to shoot, but to targeting – where to shoot and from where to shoot. If […]



Are you a good coach? Can you give constructive feedback to your team and to individual players? This article is about how to be a better coach. My main and foremost advice is to take a dictaphone to the match (simply use your mobile phone) and record all instructions you give before and during the […]


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