Shooting is one of the most important skill of a floorball player. We score only when we shoot and that is why everybody loves it. This article is devoted to shooting, not to the proper technique of shooting – how to shoot, but to targeting – where to shoot and from where to shoot.

If you look into some shooting statistics from floorball matches, you can deduce some regularities. The shooting style (Sweeper, Slapshot etc.) is dependent on the game situation and is thus very variable. So it is hard to say that some shooting style is better then other. As one of the most effective shot is considered One-Timer (shooting immediately, first touch, after receiving pass), because it is fast and surprising. But it is very hard for timing and accurate executing.
The best areas of the rink for shooting with the highest probability of scoring are the areas near the goal (in the picture areas number 5 and 8).

Shooting areas – rink

And the best areas where to aim at the goal are the free spaces above the goalie legs and below his/her arms. And why? Because there is most of the free space. Not in the upper corners of the goal cage. Do you think it is not true, that you can see the free space in the corners? Watch the video below. The catch is, that what you see is not what there is. You have to realize that the ball trajectory starts on the floor, so where the ball will go and what the ball is “seeing” is very different from what you see. And there are other reasons to shoot above the goalie legs. When the goalie is in the basic stance he/she cannot lift the legs and use them to stop the ball. He/she can use only his/her arms to catch the ball and the movement from up to down is slower than movement from down to up. For this reasons, catching the ball aimed at the upper corner is for the goalie easier than catching the ball aimed at the spots below his/her arms.

Where to shoot?

And how to train shooting?

See the inspirational video from Oscar Lundin showing the world’s best floorball players practicing shooting. Description to the video:

In this video you can see Tero Tiitu, Magnus Svensson, Mattias Wallgren and Jimmy Lindblom from our superleague-team practicing their shooting skills in different ways. It’s very important that every shoot counts. What matters is the quality of the shoots, not the quantity. The players always take I deep breath before every rep. Please pay attention to the players footwork. If you have a good footwork you get to the ball in a good way and hit your target where you want to. The place from where you shoot is important too. If you divide the rink in 9 areas (see first picture in the article), goals are scored in most cases from areas number 5 and 8. The best shooters can score from almost any of these 9 areas. Tiitu for example is superb from both 1 and 4. Kimmo Eskelinen is really good from 3. The thing is that many teams like to force their opponents to play the ball along the sides and to be very tight in the middle (5). We talk about this a lot and we want to be very dangerous also from the sides where we will get many opportunities to shoot.

And here are some shooting hints. Almost every goalie is weak under the arms, floorball goalies often react to the shot in a way that they move their arms and hands upwards (I talk a lot with my goalies that instead of this they just need to hold their position). Almost every goalie have one good and one weak side – try to find out which side you should shoot at during the warmup. Try to observe on which knee the goalie puts most of his/her weight. The side where the goalie doesn’t put the weight on is the goalie weak side. Aim there! When you get a crossing pass try to shot fast before the goalie gets to position, a low wristshot is very good in these situations.

Vítězslav Carda, Oscar Lundin

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